Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall~Time to change

so, yesterday makes it 11 years married. Lots of ups and downs, good and bad memories. Some things never change. Are we creatures of habit and not able to break away? I guess it is true if you don't learn from history you tend to repeat it. but then if you change what was one needs to create new. some halves never change on both sides so we are always different.
Fall is coming and another birthday will be slipping by. Still not a grandma to keep my mind and body busy. still a empty nester with no one to pour out my love on and the one that i do, doesn't want to receive it. so, i am stuck in momentum with no place to go. gives more understanding to all dressed up and no place to go. how can change happen when there is no one or nothing new to change. do we just keep plodding along? what is the use of trying? why bother. because the want is there even as tiny as a mustard seed. only the strong survive. am i one of them? time will tell.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Getting fruity

Sat. Aug 10th  Garage sale-ing Norman found a new used canopy for his Ranger, only problem was it is white but it looks good on his truck. 30.00 is a steal! I found a shepherds hook for a hanging basket and a small trellis for $2.00 ea.
Found a Queen mattress and box spring on Craigslist that was in excellent condition! They wanted $180.00 and had just reduced the price to $80.00 but i offered 60 and she said IF you can come NOW! Good thing we had some painters plastic because after NO rain for so long,,,,, you guessed it.. it began to rain, luckily it was only 6 miles away so it didn't get to wet on the edges.

Sun. Aug 11th Bought my first fruit trees yesterday, one Jonagold and one Sweet Cherry tree. Went looking for a few flowers to pot up and ended up looking at the clearance section of the fruit trees. both were reduced from $30.00 to $7.50 and so after careful picking, chose the semi dwarf Jonagold and the sweet cherry that should only get as tall as the house. Came home and remembered we were going to pick blackberries this weekend and so after grabbing the buckets, rags and water, we took off to our sweet spot in Washougal WA. and picked for 2 hours and filled a 5 gal. paint bucket nearly full! Quitting time, thankfully but as we picked we could hear the RC modelers flying their planes and so we drove down the road a bit and parked up. Took a few pictures while Norman gave the guys a chin-wag. Came home and those berries were already wilting so i had to wash them and prep them for freezing right away. I told Norman I could not make dinner let alone a salad and he went for a pizza.. whew! Finished our pizza and hit the sack early (9 pm) to watch my shows. ahhh bed. :) 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New views

Finished painting for Ed and his auto shop garage. 2500 sq ft and was a easy peasy job. Just had to go in and texture Saturday and then Sunday go back and top coat of paint and clean up and out. The job came in just the right time as i needed a new windshield and we were able to get a t.v stand for the living room. It looks beautiful!
Won't be long, 3 wks untill Dawn gets here and vacay.... yay! Summer has been wonderful. HOT HOT HOT and sunny. Even the brown grass is nice. Enjelle got a job but it is temporary right now. She also has had her second book published! She will be starting school in Sept to become a nutritionist. She was able to get full funding for full time! Another good thing. :) Can't have enough of those! Haven't seen Blaine and Katie much. Last time was on Katie's bday and Blaine says he will be over this week.... Another reason to smile. LOL. yay!