Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New views

Finished painting for Ed and his auto shop garage. 2500 sq ft and was a easy peasy job. Just had to go in and texture Saturday and then Sunday go back and top coat of paint and clean up and out. The job came in just the right time as i needed a new windshield and we were able to get a t.v stand for the living room. It looks beautiful!
Won't be long, 3 wks untill Dawn gets here and vacay.... yay! Summer has been wonderful. HOT HOT HOT and sunny. Even the brown grass is nice. Enjelle got a job but it is temporary right now. She also has had her second book published! She will be starting school in Sept to become a nutritionist. She was able to get full funding for full time! Another good thing. :) Can't have enough of those! Haven't seen Blaine and Katie much. Last time was on Katie's bday and Blaine says he will be over this week.... Another reason to smile. LOL. yay! 

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