Thursday, May 15, 2014


While craving beef jerky due to this new hi-protein diet, i started searching just what is out there to make into jerky. I found you can use just about any type of meat! So after shopping for the cheapest cut of meat and finding a nice pork hunk, i think its like a carnita or small roast i froze it and thinnest sliced it to dry in my dehydrator. wow.... it turned out so good i may NEVER go back to beef jerky! I am currently looking for a small beef pot roast to repeat and see how i like that! You can use chicken breast, turkey breast, pork and of course the beefy stuff. Just a note. Anything you get pound wise will be only half the amount you start with. so 1lb will only hydrate to 1/2 lb.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The remains of love lost.

My how things change. Nothing remains the same. Love leaves marks on us that can never be erased. Love and pain go hand in hand. If one loves then one agrees to pain.Who's to say it is worth it. Love is blind to pain and pain is blind to love.