Friday, October 22, 2010

Who dat cat!

We had a siomese cat looking in the window at the sliding door in the dining room and it was so funny bc he doesn’t belong here but he was so curious and about had his little pink nose to the glass, he had a distant stare in his eyes as if he was looking way way far down a lane and kept bobbing his head to the sides as if he could see something out there on the horizon! It was each step I took that he would repeat the process of his head bob, then all of a sudden he must have focused on the movement and startled himself with a quick dart off the porch but turned around to see if he was being chased! Silly cat couldn’t see I was only 3 ft away from him! I saw him sitting at the edge of the lawn under the junipertams later. I know he lives around the other side of the culdesac because I saw him prancing thru the lawns.

It is Autumn

its October~ And yet again i got this broncitus and sinus infection, it just snuck up on me! The weather is so lovely! Sunny and crisp! Had a craft day with Katie and Enjelle and i carved my pumpkin way to soon! my poor leaf pumpkin molded and fainted just a week after carving~