Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2nd day of Autumn 2012

Well here it is the second full day of Autumn and the leaves are definately falling. Its been busy on the weekends round here. Have gone to ceramics with my sister and her daughter and my daughter and made a few gems! Mine is a magicians cap for candies. it is so theraputic for those of us that seem to get caught up in the world. Just to sit and paint, talk abit and relax.
Planning my neices first baby shower and enjoying some party lite parties with the regulars. Trying to save for Christmas seems feeble right now. And my BIRTHDAY is coming up! Going to be the speed limit and i think i will like it! 55 seems like a good thing. Some call it double nickles i just call it. LOL. Well i think that covers my month. Hope you all enjoyed reading!