Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Didnt quite make it

Well its been fun but i basically shot myself in the foot with all the holidays. i am 204 and its nearly summer so i guess i will be changing my goal date to christmas LOL. need to loose 50 pounds and i should be happy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2nd 2010

Today is the day that Katie moves in with Blaine, He is so happy and excited but yet worried that she will miss her family to much to want to stay. i hope and pray that she does because i dont think he or i could stand the pain if she had to return to Illinois.
Had a nice Memorial day bbq on the 31st with Enjelle and Blaine, NOrman and I and Ryan, Enjelle's boyfriend. Today i have done NOTHING, just basically sat and watched what ever i could find on the net. I just feel empty at times and can't bring myself out of it. its a complete waste of time and i know that but whats there to do about anything. no one really cares what the house looks like or what i have done. i dont have a car to drive round and get outta here so i just putter round here. i dont want a job either cuz i think i would really feel hemmed in. Its still raining outside and its supposed to rain the rest of the week too! how boring! ugh.