Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Flat lined ugh

I am so sick of waiting for a few pounds to come off. i HAVE cheated a bit off and on but i am still not eating like i used to. The weather is so crappy out and ive not been able to walk like i should be and my right fooot has been paining me very much! My Dr. dr. Tse called today to say that my tsh rom yesterday wasnot very good and wanted to know what i am taking. my tsh is 4.97 and it is a bit high and so that could be why i am so tired all the time. im still waiting for her to call to tell me to come back in and get a new script. My Potassium is low and that could also be why i am so tired too. IDK.. so tired of being fat and tired.
I made a beautiful wreath today with some roses that i bought at a garage sale and it is gorgeous!
my weight Monday was 207 and i need to get down to at least 200 by memorial day.