Tuesday, August 14, 2012

yay for dehydrating!

Finally got my first batch of Pork jerky started and i am not to enthused. I really think the beef IS better because it has more fat content in it and the pork is pretty lean. But now i know and its ok but NOT the best i ever ate. THAT is buffalo beef jerky. Sweet, soft and yummy. Today I googled "how to dehydrate cantelope" and boy is it easy... so far. I am making very thin slices for cantelope chips and a bit thicker for a more "jerky". we shall see. I am excited to see if it turns out sweet enough or just chewy. I have 4 tray on my dehydrater and it has the settings for fruit, jerky,herbs, and one other with all the temp settings but no times. So it will be a check back and see thing. If it works out I may have to go on the hunt for more fresh fruit to put up or just to enjoy as and when i like. I will keep you all posted if you are reading this and are interested. Gotta go! Have fun and stay cool.