Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas the ....... ok 4 days b4 Christmas~

Well here it is.. close to Christmas and almost the end of 2011. It has been a ok year but it could have been better! The year started out ok but by May it had really taken a turn for the worse. I wont go into it as it was nothing to do with death or anything of that nature, but I just coudn't move on. Had the worse depression I have ever had and just all around not happy. Thank God I have my kids living near by or I dont know what would have happened to me! The very best thing that happened this year is that my son asked his love to marry him and she said yes! (of course, who wouldn't want him he is perfect!)and after hearing and then reading his proposal and seeing the ring, I know i raised a good and compasionate son. I feel completed in that and the next jouney for me would be to be a Grandma! I get to love and hug and snuggle and shower the child with even more love than I was able to give to both my kids! So, like I said... this past year wasn't all bad! My daughter filled one of her dreams of getting a book published and that is something everybody talks about but never accomplishes and so she can now check that off her bucket list for life. My kitten is now a adult cat and gives me tons of Joy and knows just when to make me laugh and make me happy again. She deffinately was put here for me and I dont know what i would have done with out her little needy meow. I am still un-employed and looking occasionally. Even applied at the dollar tree and was not hired. The manager only said, well we dont need a housekeeper or a office assistant or a manager and so i should have known by that, that i would not be hired. I am happy not working, only wish there was more money to play more. like travel and more travel. and of course the WEDDING! I am blessed for sure. Its Christmas and a new Year. So here's to new begginings~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well its Wednesday Feb 2nd and Pontsatawny Phil.. ( i know that is spelled wrong by you got it!) saw his didnt see a shadow or is it did see it? Either way, spring will be early this year! yay! it is totally beautiful today except that it was 25 degrees when i got up this morning! oh! and btw, the ball of fur on the chair out front, just happened to be a kitten! she is so adorable and a fisty lil girl. I love her and she sure has softened Norman up to her. She does rule this roost and she is so smart! she reaches up to the water faucet just as she has seem me do while getting her fresh water and will go to the cupboard as if to say, FEED ME or i will! lol. I changed the living room around a bit today so that i can see the backyard for a change and i think portia will like laying on the back of the reclyner so she can see out the front window too!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where has time gone!

Wow. i just can't believe after reading my last blog that i left out that we had moved to a duplex in august! any way it is a nice duplex in the heights neighborhood on Boise St. We have a huge back yard and many little critters visit it! On Nov 11th or there abouts Norman went out on the front patio to have his smoke and found a tiny bundle of fur on his whicker chair all curled up into a small ball and so we have named her Portia. She has given me so much happiness that i can't believe that i have gone this long with out a pet. tbcontinued.........