Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well its Wednesday Feb 2nd and Pontsatawny Phil.. ( i know that is spelled wrong by you got it!) saw his didnt see a shadow or is it did see it? Either way, spring will be early this year! yay! it is totally beautiful today except that it was 25 degrees when i got up this morning! oh! and btw, the ball of fur on the chair out front, just happened to be a kitten! she is so adorable and a fisty lil girl. I love her and she sure has softened Norman up to her. She does rule this roost and she is so smart! she reaches up to the water faucet just as she has seem me do while getting her fresh water and will go to the cupboard as if to say, FEED ME or i will! lol. I changed the living room around a bit today so that i can see the backyard for a change and i think portia will like laying on the back of the reclyner so she can see out the front window too!

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