Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall~Time to change

so, yesterday makes it 11 years married. Lots of ups and downs, good and bad memories. Some things never change. Are we creatures of habit and not able to break away? I guess it is true if you don't learn from history you tend to repeat it. but then if you change what was one needs to create new. some halves never change on both sides so we are always different.
Fall is coming and another birthday will be slipping by. Still not a grandma to keep my mind and body busy. still a empty nester with no one to pour out my love on and the one that i do, doesn't want to receive it. so, i am stuck in momentum with no place to go. gives more understanding to all dressed up and no place to go. how can change happen when there is no one or nothing new to change. do we just keep plodding along? what is the use of trying? why bother. because the want is there even as tiny as a mustard seed. only the strong survive. am i one of them? time will tell.

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